Hello Neighbors!

Let’s take a look at some not so well known features of YouTube and Gmail!

YouTube Features

        • When on youtube, hit ‘f’ to toggle fullscreen
        • Use the cogwheel > Speed option to zoom through tutorial videos
        • Time waster for Android users: Search for ‘360 video’ and get a Google Cardboard to view the videos in virtual reality for about $10

Gmail Features

        • Go to Settings > Enable Undo Send to give yourself time to undo an email after you hit send
        • Hit the ? key (Shift + ‘/’) to get a list of shortcuts, Enable the ‘Action’ shortcuts

Most useful shortcuts are as follows (you can use the shortcuts as you’re reading an email or on the inbox page selecting an email via checkboxes):

          • E : archive the message
          • Shift + i : Mark as read
          • Shift + u : Mark as unread

Want to darken the background on a webpage you’re reading? Drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar, and click it: Darken

        • Bookmarks toolbar: (Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+b, FF: Right-click the menu icon (top right) )
        • Do NOT add these bookmarks from sites you don’t trust unless you know what the javascript does
        • Press F5 to refresh the page back to its original colors
        • To customize the color of the text/visited/unvisited links, copy and paste this and edit accordingly.

javascript:(function(){var newSS, styles='* { background: black ! important; color: grey !important } :link, :link * { color: red !important } :visited, :visited * { color: pink !important }'; if(document.createStyleSheet) { document.createStyleSheet("javascript:'"+styles+"'"); } else { newSS=document.createElement('link'); newSS.rel='stylesheet'; newSS.href='data:text/css,'+escape(styles); document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(newSS); } })();

Extra Tip: If you have unlimited text plan: add a filter in Gmail to send important emails as text messages (MMS)

      • T-Mobile: [10digit#]@tmomail.net
      • AT&T: [10digit#]@mms.att.net
      • Verizon: [10digit#]@vzwpix.com
      • Other Carriers: Wikipedia