Prime Perks (check your no-rush credits & get free* books)


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No Rush Shipping Credits – How much do you have?

If you’ve ever taken bribes from Amazon (you chose no-rush shipping in exchange for $1 off digital goods), you’re probably wondering what your balance is. No worries, just go to and look at the number under ‘Amazon MP3’ (which is repeated again under Video, software, etc.) – ignore the fact that Kindle Editions says ‘0’ – these credits still apply to Kindle books.
Just make sure the item you purchase says sold by “Amazon Digital Services LLC”.

Free*-to-borrow Bestsellers (*if you have a Fire/Kindle)

If you have a Prime Membership and a Kindle/Fire device, you can borrow one book/month from the Kindle unlimited selection (no additional cost) – more details here in another of my posts. Check out the Kindle Unlimited selection at:

Free Trials

I personally use Amazon Prime and I think it’s awesome – just the Prime Music service itself is worth the cost ($99/year vs $120/year for Spotify).:
Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
Get TWO Free Audiobooks

Kindle books in your web browser

If you want to read Kindle books in your browser, here’s the link Kindle in the browser

Create a Gift Registries

Getting married soon? Congrats! Create a Wedding Registry
Baby on the way? Congrats! (and good luck!) Create a Baby Registry

Products I Own and Use Daily

The Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) is not just for buying stuff off of Amazon – I use this for voice controlled Home Automation (video to come later). I also use it to play ‘Wheels on the bus’ for my son – a lot of times. It integrates well with Prime music (you can even tell Alexa to play a song title that you uploaded – you can upload 250 songs if you have Prime)
Kindle Paperwhite – This is the best reader – the batter lasts weeks and it has a built in back light

The Video

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