Are You Struggling To Create Beautiful Images For Your Blog Articles And Social Media Posts?

Use these templates to quickly create attractive images that convert!

... don't wait days for someone on Fiverr to do it...

Beautiful Title Images in 5 minutes or less

There are 4 designs to choose from.  These are perfect for Facebook, Medium, and YouTube thumbnails

Create a Professional Logo Right Now

Easily create a simple circular logo.  The look is simple yet effective.

Quick and Easy

All you need to do is change the text and replace the images.  

You don't even need to install software!

Instructional Videos included

Not used to editing images? Don't worry, instructional videos will tell you what to do and where to click.

Here's how you'd edit these templates:

Like it or not, your article is judged by its cover

It's pretty well known that people judge articles by their cover image.  I'd like to think otherwise, but that's how it is.  There are just so many articles out there that just having a great headline isn't enough.

If you're just beginning to write articles online, it may not make sense to be outsourcing your title images.  Not only do you need to pay them, but you also have to spend the time going back and forth if they don't select the right image or font for you.  I've been in this situation a few times and ended up spending time just fixing up the images myself.

You want a free and easy way of creating/modifying graphics efficiently, and you're in the right place. I've created these templates and instructions because I wasn't quite happy with the state of the current free online image editors like Canva and Picmonkey (it always feels like there were always premium features that can only be unlocked if you paid for it). With these Google Drawings templates, you can get those images made without putting in the time to learn how to use Google Drawings.

So what are you waiting for?  Stop waiting for others to get the job done for you (improperly) and design it yourself!

Here's What You'll Get:





Templates + Instructions Package

8 Editable Designs that will attract visitors to your post:

    • Create eye catching title images with 4 designs fit for Medium/Facebook/YouTube videos
    • Make a simple, yet effective logo just by replacing an image and inserting a few letters
    • 2 slogan and quote designs that convey your message - square style, which is fit for Instagram
    • Show off several of your photos at once with the portfolio image design (also fit for Instagram)

Google Drawings Instructional Videos and Tips

    • Learn how to insert royalty free images right from Google Drawings
    • Learn how to use images from computer to Instagram
    • Learn how to use image masks in Google Drawings

Bonus Templates

    • Make an Infographic to attract more eyeballs (great for Pinterest)
    • Make your own printable greeting cards to send to friends and family

Bonus: Video Editing Training Videos (Camtasia)

    • Just the bare essentials 
    • Make your videos look professional with blurring out, transitions, and animations

Get it all for $19.47

Access to new designs when available.